masha van berkel

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Porselain boxes for dayly use.
     It is possible to use it as storage 
for different targets as needlework, playthings, vegetables etc.

Art dolls from series
   "The seasons of year".
 A combination of porselain,
   epoxy, fabric, fur etc.



porselein lamp

Porselain blades with lashing

0,35*0,20 mtr


Porselain lamp

0,18*0,19 mtr

porselein kast porselein kast

Porselain case with lashing

0,30*0,30*0,30 mtr

Porselain with lashing

0,35*0,27*0,35 mtr

Porselain with lashing

0,37*0,27*0,40 mtr

Porselein pop Porselein pop Porselein pop

Porselain dol "Autumn"

hoogte 0,90 mtr

Porselain dol "Summer"

hoogte 0,80 mtr



Porselaindol "Spring"

hoogte 0,60 mtr